Expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

with the Apps from CKL Software

We offer a variety of Apps to expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central System. Take advantage of the benefits offered by an App and save yourself the expense of individual customisation. We mainly deal with issues of cost and management accounting, valuation and correction of stock and current assets, the reconciliation of general and subsidiary ledgers and corrections in the value flow of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We are constantly developing our Apps to solve these problems!

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting completes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is an essential building block for further processing of accounting and production data to make strategic business decisions. In particular, medium-sized production facilities and larger, international companies need a controlling solution for their data analysis.

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Valuation helps you to correctly and reliably process and value and current assets in accordance with statutory valuation rules. The special solution ensures that balance-sheet relevant and important values are determined in a simple and convenient way during the annual inventory in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Costing Method

Costing Method allows you to change your items' costing method, base unit code and item tracking code without changing the completeness of the cost information and the historical item information.

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Inventory allows you to easily and conveniently make reconciliations between the item movements in stock and the corresponding G/L account postings of current assets in Financial Accounting. An extended posting matrix allows different booking processes to be presented even more transparently in the P&L and balance sheet of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Inventory Adjustment also enables you to set new standard costs at a later date or to activate the value flow feature without losing all previous movements. The display of the adjustment chains also allows you to check at any time whether a received value has arrived correctly proportionate to an issued value and thus take countermeasures if necessary. Correct your stock value history in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

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