Expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with apps from CKL Software.

We offer a variety of apps to expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. Take advantage of the benefits offered by an app and save yourself the expense of individual customisation. Our applications simplify workflows: they make it easier to find and correct errors, make valuations smoother, and allow comparisons and analyses to be carried out without any problems. This saves you time, money and stress. We mainly deal with issues of cost and performance accounting, valuation and correction of stock and current assets, the reconciliation of general and subsidiary ledgers and corrections in the value flow of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We are constantly developing our apps to solve these problems!

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting completes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is an essential building block for further processing of accounting and production data to make strategic business decisions. In particular, medium-sized production facilities and larger, international companies need a controlling solution for their data analysis. The option to distinguish between fixed and variable cost components is particularly helpful. In addition, you can easily integrate data from other modules. The modern visualisation and planning platform Power BI can also be integrated using integrated evaluation templates.

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Valuation helps you to correctly and reliably process and value of current assets in accordance with statutory valuation rules. The special solution ensures that balance-sheet relevant and important values are determined in a simple and convenient way during the annual inventory in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If the determination with Excel is too time-consuming and you can't achieve your goal using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central without workarounds, the app is exactly what you need. The solution offers advantages such as significant time savings, the elimination of Excel and 100% Inside Business Central.

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bill-to 365 specializes in what the name stands for: creating invoices, especially in the area of subscriptions and other forms of recurring invoices. There are a variety of billing methods available to you, which you can easily change and expand individually. Whether you have to account for consumption, licenses or one-off items. bill-to does the billing for you.

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Costing Method

Costing Method allows you to change your items' costing method, base unit code and item tracking code without changing the completeness of the cost information and the historical item information. This not only becomes necessary when an error occurs during creation: sometimes business owners need to adjust the costing method for legal reasons, or there are changes in procurement. In all cases, the change can be made quickly and easily using the app.

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Inventory allows you to easily and conveniently make reconciliations between the item movements in the inventory and the corresponding inventory account entries for current assets in Financial Accounting. An extended posting matrix allows even more transparent additional posting processes in the income statement and balance sheet of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (nature-of-expense method) One especially helpful aspect is that you can analyse values which are normally displayed on only one account by setting your own requirements. This allows you to identify errors and inconsistencies at first glance.

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