Cost Accounting: the practical controlling solution

The Cost Accounting 365 app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes all the basic functionality for operational cost accounting. It is an important component when working with accounting and production data. It provides you with a constant overview of your individual operational accounting and allows you to make well-founded strategic business decisions.

Once a company reaches a certain size, a smart controlling solution becomes indispensable: international commercial enterprises benefit from Cost Accounting 365 just as much as medium-sized businesses. Benefit from our continuous development and ongoing adaptation to the development cycles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Cost Centre Accounting

Individual adjustment for quick analysis

Besides the flexible allocation options, the subdivision into variable and fixed costs components is one of the app’s most important features. You can store percentage values or fixed amounts for cost types, which can be used as a basis to carry out cost analyses. With Cost Centre Accounting, you can determine the overhead rates in order to form results. It also allows processing of cost sharing and cost rate formation, up to the CAS (cost allocation sheet ).

The advantages of Cost Centre Accounting at a glance

  • You decide: individual structure or have the app generate an automatic cost plan from your ledger accounts?
  • continuously separate variable and fixed cost components.
  • define fixed amounts as well as percentage shares in the cost types
  • manage as many reporting indicators as required with each individual entry
  • automatically transfer cost and performance entries from other modules if desired
  • apply reference values based on the services in order to manage entries
  • apply variable service activities, taking into account various reference values (for example, number of employees, number of orders, quotations, inquiries, purchase orders or stock movements)
  • store cost rates or cost rates for the reference value
  • use the original value of the cost origin as the cost rate
  • define standard allocation keys to suit you individually (e.g. using the cost category, service, ratio of budget values, step-ladder method with distribution according to ratio or quantity x cost ratio with cost rate according to the iteration procedure)
  • apply imputed recurring entries
  • include dimensions in the cost centre accounting budgets
  • decide on the budget structure with fixed or variable amount separation
  • work with quantity budgets
  • create a bidirectional budget link to Financial Accounting
  • enter budget values as actual values if required
  • use plan assessments for the budget creation
  • export and import data from and to Excel
  • evaluate detailed analysis views on a multi-dimensional basis and create a target-actual-comparison
  • link account schemes and analysis views
  • make detailed evaluations (e.g. cost allocation sheet by cost centre or period, cost category sheets, plan/target/actual comparisons)
  • easily delete cost category entries per journal after incorrect entries

Cost Unit Accounting

Individuelle Anpassung für schnelle Analyse

The Cost Unit Accounting module allows you to set up multi-level contribution margin analyses. It is completely integrated through allocation processes, which makes the formulation and realisation of contribution margin levels including a fixed cost coverage basis possible. Have the app determine what costs are incurred for services or products and distinguish between individual product units or quantities produced and sold within an accounting period. Flexible cost account schemes allow multi-level contribution margin calculations and analyses.


The advantages of Cost Unit Accounting at a glance

  • use as many cost units as required
  • separate fixed and variable amount proportions
  • automatically transfer cost and performance entries if desired
  • work with as many contribution margin levels as required
  • services are recorded along with reference values that include cost rates and allocation of the quantity of purchased, produced and/or sold items
  • use internal cost allocation with original values from the cost origin
  • set up as many overhead calculation schemes as required
  • have cost units allocated to cost units
  • have overhead surcharges credited to desired cost centres
  • create cost unit budgets with fixed and variable (quantity-based) budgets
  • export and import your budget data to and from Excel
  • create bidirectional budget links to financial accounting, including from merchandise management
  • create any number of analysis views for actual and budget data
  • apply imputed recurring entries
  • easily delete cost unit entries per journal after incorrect entries


To get an overview of our Cost and Management Accounting 365 App, you can download a detailed factsheet here.

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Screenshots of the application

Training material

Our training material comprises an extensive accompanying document and reference work for Cost and Management Accounting 365, which explains all functions and details of this App in depth.

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Application Guide

This document is an application guide for cost accounting 365, in which all the functions and details are explained. 


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What is the Cost Accounting 365 app?

The app is the add-on tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for processing classic accounting data in a cost and performance accounting system as your company’s operational accounting. The large scope allows a wide range of processing and allocation of accounting data. Contribution margin analyses and profit centre results paired with graphical Power BI representations assist with making strategic business decisions. Detailed information is available in our training material.

How much does the Cost Accounting 365 app cost?

Prices are based on licensed Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users (Essential, Premium).
The total number of users determines the price scale (see package prices).
Billing takes place monthly - regardless of the agreed total duration of the subscription.

Why is the Cost Accounting 365 app important?

The more tightly your company's data is interlinked, the better you will understand cost flows and get a good overview of the company's value flow. The Cost Accounting app details your company reporting based on the important company departments (cost centres) and products (cost units). Everything happens 100% inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Package prices

Cost Accounting 365

CKL Add-on billed monthly1 billed annually2 per month
Cost Accounting € 299.00 € 249.00

1 billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.
2 billed annually, automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.