Change the costing method of your items

With our Costing Method 365 App, this is always traceable and very easy!

When you post item movements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the information is embedded in the costing method, base unit code and item tracking code. This is practical if you want to avoid mistakes when creating the items. Incorrect setup can cause cost and stock values to be displayed incorrectly and can result in serial numbers not being used. In addition, it can cause errors when converting the units. 

Costing Method 365

The costing method, base unit code, and item tracking code are key in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; they are firmly anchored in item/value items and documents when item movements are posted.

Costing Method 365 offers you the following advantages:

  • Changing the costing method while retaining the cost information
  • Transparency thanks to costing method entries
  • Changes are made by way of a proposal
  • Feature fills the proposal automatically
  • Manual filling of the proposal also possible
  • Determination of new fixed standard costs is made possible
  • Fast, comprehensive change of the costing methods through batch processing


To get an overview of our Costing Method 365 app, you can download a detailed factsheet here. 

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Screenshots of the application

Application Guide

You can download our detailed Application Guide here.

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Package prices

Costing Method 365

CKL Add-on billed monthly1 billed annually2 per month
Costing Method € 199.00 € 169.00

1 billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.
2 billed annually, automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.