Correct your stock value history

As a user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will have noticed that the program is unforgiving when it comes to errors. The Inventory Adjustment 365 App allows you to correct an inaccurate history without having to delete all previous movements and start again from scratch. You can reset the stock values and reinitialise the valuation basis and the standard cost while the movements are retained along with all information: They are stored in the archive and are also available for future evaluations. If necessary, redefine the starting point. The changes are accompanied by an automatic reversal in the general ledger.

Inventory Adjustment 365

Inventory Adjustment 365 offers the following advantages:

  • Begin the reinitialisation with your own opening valuation entry sheet.
  • Incorrect items are selected and filled using integrated functions.
  • You define the initial value as the basis for reinitialising the current assets.


  • You can also call and execute the function retrospectively on the effective date.
  • Reset individual items where necessary.
  • The system still contains the entire history with all information; only historical standard amounts are stored in the archive.
  • The complete integration with reversal in the general ledger takes place on the effective date.


To get an overview of our Inventory Adjustment 365 App, you can download a detailed factsheet here. 

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Screenshots of the application

Application Guide

You can download our detailed Application Guide here.

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Package prices

Inventory Adjustment 365

CKL Add-on billed monthly1 billed annually2 per month
Inventory Adjustment € 239.00 € 199.00

1 billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.
2 billed annually, automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.