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The items movements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central form the basis for the wide range of information that you receive with the help of the Inventory 365 App. For greater transparency, with a single click you can separate facts that are normally only displayed on one account. You can apply nine different filters to obtain the appropriate basis for your analysis. And numerous details are automatically included in the reconciliation of inventory non-cash items. You can see at a glance whether the system has posted the stock values to the correct accounts. Differences between the entry in the general ledger and the actual current stock value can be identified quickly and easily.

Inventory 365

The App Inventory 365 can not only save you time and money, it can also save your nerves: It shows errors and differences that you would otherwise have to search for or notice so late that the consequences are already piling up in the form of a number of new problems .

Inventory 365 offers the following advantages:

  • Values delivered but not yet invoiced (= floating) on the effective date are displayed with accounts receivable or accounts payable information.
  • Nine selectable filters make the analysis considerably easier.
  • With a single click, you can display the connection between value entries and non-cash entries.
  • In the case of production for the "real NEM", P&L postings are made automatically.
  • Based on the origin and cause code, you receive
  • differentiated inventory costs postings by setting up an extended posting matrix and inventory posting.
  • If there are differences between the posted items and the posting groups in the item master, these differences are displayed.
  • The module indicates incorrect postings from the item movements.
  • The export function allows further analysis in Excel.


To get an overview of our Inventory 365 App, you can download a detailed factsheet here. 

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Application Guide

You can download our detailed Application Guide here.

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Package prices

Inventory 365

CKL Add-on billed monthly1 billed annually2 per month
Inventory € 199.00 € 169.00

1 billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.
2 billed annually, automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.