Valuation 365 – The effective date valuation of your inventory

The Valuation 365 app connects to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central item movements and helps determine relevant values for the annual inventory. It enables you to correctly prepare and value your company's current assets on the basis of the legal valuation regulations. The application is simple and intuitive to use. All values and also the evaluation criteria are openly documented to ensure that external auditors and tax auditors can understand them clearly and easily.

Complete transparency with the lowest-value principle

You can assign individual valuation rules to the items and products in the inventory; these are then applied when interpreting it. The depreciation amounts that the software subsequently proposes follow the strict lowest-value principle. When making individual value corrections, you are free to adjust the values manually.

Purchasing Valuation 365 can be worthwhile under many conditions, for example if

  • you have already had to develop workarounds for certain points or in other apps
  • determination with Excel is too time-consuming and the standard functions provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are insufficient.
  • you have problems making your external auditor understand how your results were derived and their transparency.
  • you want comprehensible mapping of the strict lowest-value principle and a correct valuation of the assets on the balance sheet date.
  • you want to carry out several, e.g. periodic valuations per year
  • you want to optimise your inventory valuation

Always the right valuation

Customization for quick analysis

Any number of valuation rules are assigned to the items managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All quantities in the inventory are calculated using the assigned rules and CKL Valuation makes a depreciation proposal. The criteria for depreciation include valuation according to

  • Lowest value
  • Lowest value foreign currencies
  • Item range
  • Age structure
  • Stock outflow procedure
  • Storage locations
  • Batch expiry date

However, as a user, you always have the option of making a manual individual value correction, as well as defining further rules.

The depreciation amounts are finally posted automatically to separate income statements and balance sheet accounts as required.


To get an overview of our Valuation 365 App, you can download a detailed factsheet here. 

Download Factsheet

Screenshots of the application

Application Guide

You can download our detailed Application Guide here.

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What is the Valuation 365 app?

In conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Valuation 365 app assists users with their annual inventories and periodic valuation of current assets on an effective date: The programs complement each other perfectly and work seamlessly – 100% inside Dynamics Business Central. For a detailed description of the scope and functionality, please refer to our training material.

How much does the Valuation 365 app cost?

Prices are based on licensed Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users (Essential, Premium).
The total number of users determines the price scale (see package prices).
Billing takes place monthly - regardless of the agreed total duration of the subscription.

Why is the Valuation 365 app important?

If an auditor complains that your valuation documentation for the annual balance sheet is incomprehensible, performing the calculation with Excel is too cumbersome and other applications are not sufficient for achieving your goal without workarounds, Valuation 365 provides exactly the right assistance: It delivers the right results simply, correctly and clearly. This saves you time and money, optimises your inventory values and prevents lengthy audits.

Package prices

Valuation 365

CKL Add-on billed monthly1 billed annually2 per month
Valuation € 199.00 € 169.00

1 billed monthly and can be cancelled monthly. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.
2 billed annually, automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled.